I am Ōtautahi is an exploration of human individuality and diversity through typography.

The brief was to create a strategic communication campaign that brings about a sense of place and pride within Christchurch.

My response was to create an event fuelled by the inhabitants of Ōtautahi. I asked people to design and submit a letter that evoked their individual personalities in an effort to break away from ethnic cliches.

I then proceeded to collate each letter in an effort to rebrand the city as a diverse and open place that accepts and embraces change.

I am Ōtautahi is a campaign that aims to brings people with differences together, to create a sense that they're an individual piece within a greater identity.

I am Ōtautahi, you are Ōtautahi, we are Ōtautahi.

Scope of work:

City rebrand
Identity concept & creation
Outdoor campaign
Poster campaign
Digital campaign

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Graphic designer based in Ōtautahi, New Zealand.

Personally, I believe that design is more than just aesthetics.

It is communication.

Utilizing typography, UX design, print design and more, I strive to create meaningful messages with the purpose of creating real world change.


Based in Ōtautahi, New Zealand