A Filipino Graphic Designer
based in Ōtautahi, New Zealand
A quiet wine label
Brand Identity · Print · Motion Graphics
Plato Creative

Shifting away from the Giesen Wine label, Isaac Giesen partnered with Plato to conceive a fresh brand intended to make a distinct mark in the US market.

Central to its essence is the concept of stillness – finding the extraordinary that often eludes others in their haste. It encapsulates a moment of meditative pause, a temporal sanctuary from the unceasing flow.

To express this concept, the design adopts the horizon line of sunsets, an element that is both constant and still.

It weaves a serene motif reminiscent of sunlight playing upon the tranquil sea. This same horizon contour inspires the brand’s logo and shapes its complete visual identity.

To elevate the brand’s storytelling, we used a compressed typeface that has no significant curves and paragraph rivers to create a sea of words that seemingly is in a state of pause.

As a whole, the design doesn’t clamor for your attention; instead, it gently guides your gaze to a peaceful view we yearn for.

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