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Te Tahi Youth:
Understanding complex emotions
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Te Tahi Youth is a one-stop shop for youth that provides health services and social support.

When we first met them they were known as 298 Youth Health. That name had run its course (it came from a former address many years ago), and their brand and key messaging also needed modernising and tailoring for different audiences.

In exploring a new name we took a hybrid reo Māori/reo Pākehā approach. We brainstormed themes of being a one-stop shop, empowerment, nurturing and thriving. Te Tahi Youth was chosen for its link to the tagline ‘Everything you need in one place.’

Our aim for the brand identity was to appeal to young people but it also needed enough sophistication to talk to donors and other youth services.

We explored a lot of directions and colours but ultimately decided it best not to over complicate a brand for people whose lives are already complex.

However a life that desires simplicity in no way equates with being dull.

The colour palette is eccentric whilst honest. The combination of a bright yellow and pink evokes feelings of naivety and energy, accented with the off-white and black to create a tone that feels positive and spontaneous.

We used shape psychology to represent the individuality of youth. Te Tahi Youth’s icon is inspired by an embrace combined with a face bearing an ambiguous expression; something that reflects the audience. It’s the embodiment of emotion and action and a representation of Te Tahi Youth.

Overall, the brand didn’t need to be anything other than itself. It’s beauty is in it’s honesty and bravery to be imperfect. It is these imperfections that define those in of help and who they are.

With this brand which framed the website, we then armed the organisation with a toolkit of messages for their youth clients as well as for seeking philanthropic support from potential donors.

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