A Filipino Graphic Designer
based in Ōtautahi, New Zealand
SCAPE Season 25:
An exchange of gifts
Visual Identity · Print · Motion Graphics · Signage
Plato Creative

This year, SCAPE Public Art approached Plato to craft the visual identity for their upcoming season.

Under the theme, “The Gift,” It invites individuals to explore the myriad dimensions of gifting within communities – from the physical to the symbolic, and even the metaphoric. The Gift is a bold departure into the intangible, where the act of giving and receiving takes center stage, offering a duality of positive and negative experiences.

The logo and icon designs are an embodiment of this exploration, playing with the interplay of negative and positive space. It pushes the boundaries of physical representation by seamlessly merging these spaces into singular, harmonious marks.

Regarding the color palette, the striking contrast between vermilion red and warm brown is carefully curated to evoke a thematic and grounded sensation. These colors imbue the visual identity with depth, emotion, and a sense of purpose, reflecting the essence of “The Gift”.

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SCAPE Season 25:
An exchange of gifts
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